Monday, October 08, 2018

Hi Gang! It has certainly been a while since I wrote here. I hope some folks have stayed connected, because there's exciting news! A Shep fan named Lee emailed a while back. Lee has good-quality FM recordings of Jean Shepherd's nightly radio show, and he was hoping to share them with other fatheads. I've listened to a few, and the sound is amazing! So far, Lee has sent me about 100 recordings. I have to dust off some old software scripts I used to create the podcast feed files, and I'm figuring out how the Ourmedia group on works these days, to permanently store the MP3 files for future generations. I have little time in the day, but the winter's coming in the US. Lee's new recordings will be here, as soon as I can finish all the background work. Wow, this is exciting! Thank you Lee!