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Hi Gang! It has certainly been a while since I wrote here. I hope some folks have stayed connected, because there's exciting news! A Shep fan named Lee emailed a while back. Lee has good-quality FM recordings of Jean Shepherd's nightly radio show, and he was hoping to share them with other fatheads. I've listened to a few, and the sound is amazing! So far, Lee has sent me about 100 recordings. I have to dust off some old software scripts I used to create the podcast feed files, and I'm figuring out how the Ourmedia group on works these days, to permanently store the MP3 files for future generations. I have little time in the day, but the winter's coming in the US. Lee's new recordings will be here, as soon as I can finish all the background work. Wow, this is exciting! Thank you Lee!


Blogger Lee R. said...

Note: When I first posted this message it posted a paragraph twice, unfortunately you can't edit here, so I deleted it and here's my first comment that should have been seen first again:

I "tuned" into your Shep page the other day and I saw the new announcement!! Thanks so much for telling folks about what's to come, I hope they'll all enjoy these tapes as much as I did whenever I listened to them. I remember when I first moved out on my own in 1982 I brought my Shep tapes with me and I would listen to those tapes at night when I got home from work. Back then there was no internet, the only way to hear Shep was for my tapes and I really have appreciated them so much ever since then. I even used to muse to myself that if there was ever a fire in my house, the first thing I'd grab would be those 3 plastic boxes of Shep. I haven't heard these tapes since then and now listening to them again I feel like I'm listening to them for the first time. Some shows I remember but most I don't.

Just a little update for you on the transfer project, since the time I last shared shows with you I've recorded 46 more Shep shows, just a couple of them are excerpts of shows. Those excerpts came after the regular Shep show was over there was then the last part of a previously recorded Shep show that I had recorded on that same tape and then recorded over again. Remember I had previously told you when I started out recording Shep I'd record a show and then after listening to it I'd record over it again with another show. This was before I realized how stupid that was to do and then started keeping them instead of recording over them. This is one of those kick myself moments that I wish I could go back in time and change.

OK, I have about 1 & 3/4's of everything Shep done, 1 & 1/4 of all Sheps left to be recorded to Mp3 still. I estimate by February 10 or perhaps a little earlier I should be all done. So expect the final installment of another 100 shows or so in February.

Thanks again for all your efforts and time it takes to figure out how to post these shows. I thought it would be a snap for you to post them, but I can see how after so many years gone by posting shows is now done differently than it used to be for you and you now have to figure out the new methods. So good luck and thanks again.

10/10/2018 7:05 PM  
Blogger Lee R. said...

To all you fellow "fatheads" hope you enjoy these "new" shows as much as I did back in the '70's and then again from these tapes in the '80's.

10/10/2018 7:15 PM  
Blogger Lee R. said...

Thought about this too, in that batch of Sheps you have now is a 52 min. recording I made of an interview from 1982 Shep did with veteran broadcaster Fred Fiske. He really seemed to like talking to Fred and told him multiple stories, Fred, like a good interviewer, didn't interrupt him and let Shep tell all these short but sweet little stories. It was like listening to a new regular Shepherd radio show in 1982. Shep sounded great in 1982, full of pep like in the old days. Too bad he didn't continue doing his show past 1977, he still had that same old radio talent in '82.

10/10/2018 9:38 PM  
Blogger fffttt1 said...

Excelsior you fathead! My name is Ray, 69yrs. old, and living in TX., but born/raised in CT.. One night as a boy of 14 I was lying in bed with my transistor radio tucked 'tween the pillow and my ear listening to Cousin Brucie. I had limited reception, but tried searching for whatever I could find on the AM band. I stopped on a station (WOR NY) when I heard a man talking. He was describing a chicken plucking contest. From that moment on my life was "infected"! Listened to Shep every night from then on, even after I got married. I believe he broadcast from 2115hrs. to 2200hrs. weeknites and on Saturday nite an hour from Greenwich Village. I am so, so grateful that folks like you and a few other have done so much to collect and save Shep's works.

10/24/2018 11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived on Long Island back in 70 and 80s and loved Shep. And I can thank you enough for what you are doing!

11/24/2018 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lee: I've been trying to purchase Shep tapes from Max Schmdt. I he still around? If not, can you post where these might be available.

11/29/2018 1:30 PM  
Blogger Lee R. said...

I'm very happy to see the excitement and eager anticipation to hear these shows. To answer your question, Mr. Anonymous, I don't know how to post shows on the internet. Whether Schmid's still in business or not, I don't know. I'm not trying to get rich with my Shepherd shows, I only wish to share them for free with as many people as possible and to spread the word about Shep and his amazing radio talent to as many others in newer generations who never heard a Shep radio show and may only know him as Christmas Story guy. Shep was only 1/10th as good on TV or in movies as he was an expert broadcaster on radio. So I hope these shows will be discovered by people who have never heard a Shep show and will be even more thoroughly enjoyed by those of us who used to listen to Shep back in the good old days and would love listening to Shep again whenever possible.

As for me posting these shows myself, simply put, I don't know how to post shows on the internet. I only this past year figured out how to transfer my original tapes of Shep over to my computer as Mp3 files. I'm not a computer expert, I'm old. I have about 200 shows and I've now transferred 75% of them to my computer. Several months ago I contacted our host here at Brass Figlagee and told him of my shows and how I'd like to see him post them at Brass Figlagee. He agreed and I sent him via 0neDrive about 50% of the shows which was what I had transferred up until that time that I contacted him. So at this point we are in a waiting stage for these shows to show up. I will send our host here the rest of the shows when I complete this project (as I say I've done about 75% so far). I estimate I'll be done transferring by February, I'm doing about 3 shows a week.

So I hope our kind host here will be able to figure out how to post these shows, when he does we will all enjoy them together. My fingers are crossed for him. So that's how things stand from my point of view.

11/29/2018 4:45 PM  
Blogger ShepFan said...


Max Schmidt is still selling Shep tapes, MP3s, and more at

Good luck!

12/01/2018 12:44 PM  
Blogger Sis said...

I discovered Jean Shepherd as a little girl because my father listened to his WOR show. I didn't know enough to get his satire & sarcasm so I went around repeating facts I'd learned from Shep. I proudly sang back the entire lyrics to "The Bear Missed The Train" to an astonished music teacher. Thank you so much for making this magical radio experience available again!

12/02/2018 1:10 AM  
Blogger Lee R. said...

My story is similar to yours Sis. I first heard Shep as a little kid while driving around with my Dad (who never listened to music only news and talk, much to my frustration) tuned into a weak AM radio station (we lived several states away from N.Y.) and we heard this guy talking and telling a funny story and making funny comments. I didn't even know who it was. Then another night my Dad once again tuned into this weak station, but this night it came in stronger, and we listened and laughed.

My Dad would just call him "the guy that talks a lot", that's what he'd say, "Do you want me to try and find that guy who talks a lot?" This was probably about 1971. After a few years I learned who it was and was thrilled when I found excellent sound quality broadcasts of Shep's shows on our local 2 public radio FM stations. By this time I realized I needed to record Shep and listen to him on my own time.

Unfortunately it didn't occur to me to KEEP the tapes, instead I'd erase over a Shep show with another Shep show after I'd hear the first one that was on the tape. Finally I smartened up and started to actually keep the shows and I stopped erasing them. It meant buying a lot more cassette tapes, but I'm so glad I did.

Now I only wish I had kept all the recordings and not erased over those first set of shows. Oh well, live and learn, I was a kid back then that loved his portable tape recorder while being happy go lucky but smart enough to recognize talent when I heard it. I hope you all get to hear these show soon here and will enjoy them as much as I did recording them and hearing them again as I transferred them to the computer.

12/02/2018 9:22 PM  
Blogger fearndk said...

is there an update on when these shows will be ready to listen to or download?

4/18/2019 11:45 PM  
Blogger Lee R said...

Well, while we wait for the shows to pop up here, you may NOW find 12 of my shows here: Rotter

The host at that website thought he posted 14 of my shows but he didn't get 2 of them up there right because 2 of them won't play. But the other 12 play back fine, so go there, for now, and enjoy 12 of my recordings.

There are 207 shows all together that I have submitted there and the host tells me he plans on posting more each week, so far there are 12 now ready to hear, hopefully he'll keep it up and get more and more posted. Also I hope he realizes that "Phrenology" & "Boy Scout Santa Claus" don't play like they're supposed to.

But for now enjoy the 12 that are there and hopefully one day all 207 shows will be available both here and over there.

Thanks for listening.

4/28/2019 10:31 PM  

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