Friday, March 30, 2007

A few updates for listeners!

First, you may have noticed that the airdates have been jumping around a bit lately. Don't worry--I'm going through the Jean Shepherd Archives, culling all the duplicates I can (some of them don't have the same name or date!) and finding shows I missed the first time through. My intention is to add them in a way that current, semi-daily listeners will see them as the usual nightly episode, but new subscribers will see the shows in their original, more-or-less chronological order. Holidays, special events, seasonal shows, and so on are the exceptions.

One other update: the hosting service at is having technical issues, and I can't currently add nightly shows. They're aware of the problem, and I'll resume adding a show a night to the podcast as soon as possible. I'll limit it to one show a night, so daily listeneners shouldn't miss any episodes. So, finally, my one-show-per-day streak is broken. Oh well. We're still going strong, and have lots more material to share. A few of the podcast sites, like Yahoo, are having trouble, and make it look like we've stopped somewhere along the line. Not true; we have another two years to go, at least. Hopefully the Jean Shepherd Project will return with their promised new material before then, and we'll have even more Shep to pass along!