Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We have a new, legal graphic!

Yes, gang, the wheels are turning. I received Mr. McDarrah's imprimatur in the mail today, so I can finally use his definitive photo of ol' Shep. I immediately submitted the podcast to the iTunes Music Store for their review. I expect that in a few days to a week, The Brass Figlagee will be searchable and subscribe-able in iTunes without mucking around in the Advanced menu. When it is, I'll update the "Subscribe" link at right, and life will return to its former approximation of splendor. Who knows, with this cool artwork and almost 50 shows in the can, perhaps the good folks at Apple will feature this podcast, and a new generation of seekers will be introduced to the modulated madness that is Jean Shepherd.

To listeners who have already manually subscribed via iTunes, or found alternate methods of accessing the content: you need do nothing when the "Subscribe" link switches over. Whatever works for you now will continue to work.

There has been talk in the ShepTalk Forums that the Shep Archives have been down for a little while now, so welcomes all around to those new subscribers. Let's hope that the Archives, which have done so much to spread the Word Of Shep for so many years, is back in the pink very soon.


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