Monday, February 06, 2006

Final Update:

All the bugs have been worked out, and the RSS feed has been stable for long enough to give me every confidence there's nothing left to improve here. The upkeep on this end is literally 5 minutes a night. All I am waiting for now is to hear back from the photographer that he received the check so I can use his Shep picture, and then this podcast goes live (as in public). I'll add the artwork here & in the feed, submit the whole thing to the iTunes Music Store (who are more likely to feature a podcast with artwork & a history of episodes), and start spreading the word. I'll probably also delete these "beta" entries (as I have a few already) so that the top entry is the introduction to the blog. Or perhaps I'll rewrite it and make that the most recent entry.

For those few of you who have been listening in during the ramp-up and debugging of this podcast, thanks. If you are still subscribed to the RSS feed on (which was only linked here and even needed for a few days), please convert to the feed, following the instructions in the right column. I've been updating both feeds every night, but now that the feed is stable (which really means, now that I figured it out), I'll be phasing out the feed. It isn't needed any more.

Finally, this podcast isn't about making money, getting votes at, or anything other than getting Shepherd's work out to the public in a very easy-to-use format. I hope that people will discover and rediscover Shep here. Since this is my first and probably only podcast, I welcome feedback for ways to spread the word, and ask that listeners not keep this podcast a secret!



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